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Antiques Barn and Furniture Store AshfordAddress:

The Antiques Barn

Ashford Road



Kent   TN26 3LF

Find us behind Greenways Garden Centre


07708 759581


Opening Hours

Mon – Sat:    10:00–17:00

Sun:              10:30–16:30




  • Archie Butler-Gallie

    Hello I was just wondering if you were open tomorrow on Boxing day ? Thanks

  • June Dean

    Hi there,
    I have been trying to comtact you useing the number listed on the web site however, the phone seems to be unavailable.
    Could you please let me a current phone number.

    June Dean

  • Anonymous

    Hi are you open today 28 march


    Like other comments your phone number is unavailable

  • Dorthy Pastor

    Howdy Contact Us – The Antiques Barn and Furniture Store

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  • Keith Aird

    Good afternoon
    I am a collector of a brand of 1960s children’s model motor racing cars, sets and accessories.
    The company sold these toys under the following 2 names
    Slot Racing Models
    Scale Raceway Models
    SRM being the shortened name for both.
    I would be interested in purchasing cars, boxed or otherwise, produced by this company (there were only 5 types: Lotus, Ferrari, BRM & Cooper as Formula 1 cars and Mini Cooper saloon cars -all in a variety of colours).

    There were 2 sets marketed:

    F1 (Formula 1 set) usually with 2 cars
    rally-cross Mini Cooper set with a red and green mini.

    I am also interested in spares, part sets, and non-working models.
    Should you have any of the above in stock, can source them through colleagues or find any offered to you in future, please contact me.
    I live in Tonbridge Kent and can collect within say a 50 mile radius, am happy to pay postage otherwise or to arrange my own courier collection.
    My email
    Mobile 07803 612377

    Keith Aird

  • Elian van Os

    Hi, thank you for the pleasant visit yesterday, we found nice things for our shop, including Debby.

    Lovely Greetz Cees & Elian van Os from Holland

  • Chris Fowler

    Hi, am doing a house clearance of a relative and have the following that I am trying to despise of
    1. 22 piece Colclough bone China Rhapsody in Blue tea set. Completely unused so in perfect condition

    2. A number of pieces of Masons Mandalay Printed and hand painted ironstone. These include cloock, tea pot, water jug, vase, ginger jar, pin plate and small jug

    3. A small royal winton vase

    Just wondering if this is the sort of thing you might be interested in

  • Antiques Barn

    Thank you very much for thinking of us but we have quite a lot of stock at the moment. Probably the best place to put it would be Rye auctions.
    Thanks xx

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  • margaret

    Hello I’m coming to Ashford next week and wonder if you buy any items? I have over 100 photo’s of different things I’ve been left by my parents who passed away. I could send the photo’s to you. My email is

    Thank you,

  • Donald Sweet

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  • Marie Prett

    I have a couple of lovely old chests of drawers, one bought from an antique shop in Lenham and the other 30 years ago from an antique shop in Leicester. I want to sell them both ( I have photos I can send) I’m hoping for £95 each which I’m told is half their value. Would any of your dealers be interested do you think?
    Warm wishes,

  • Anonymous

    I am Kostas Manolakos an antique dealer from Greece .
    Our business exports old and new pots to the whole world .
    I am sending you some examples of old pots and if you are interested
    contact me .

    Thank you
    Kostas Manolakos
    Evlampias 63 st
    Ilion 131 23
    Tel : 0030 210 2638118
    Mob : 0030 6977259833

  • lief

    I have a cast iron Dovre wood stove with billy goat gruff images on the panels
    I would like to recycle/upcycle
    are you interested?

  • lief

    why is your phone number the Tesco number?

  • Sally

    I left a message on your phone yesterday but havn’t had a callback. I am selling a pewter fireplace, a Yew effect cabinet with two drawers, two wall dresser cabinets/shelves, large chest of pine drawers (now painted) and various pieces of China/bric a brac. Are you interested in any of the items?

  • Mel

    Hi there!

    This is Melissa and I am a professional illustrator.

    I was surprised, to put it nicely, when I recognised my images at your web-site. If you use a copyrighted image without an owner’s permission, you must know that you could be sued by the copyright holder.

    It’s illegal to use stolen images and it’s so wicked!

    See this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to get the evidence of my copyrights.

    Download it right now and check this out for yourself:

    If you don’t get rid of the images mentioned in the document above within the next couple of days, I’ll file a complaint against you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been severely infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t help, trust me I am going to take it to court! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.

  • Liza Cote

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  • Damian Beebe


    I have a question, i see a lot of items in a store that you olso sell, But there products are 49% cheaper, i have made a screenshot of the item.
    Well my question is what is the difference between your store.
    Is it the quality or something else, i hope you can help me!

    Yours sincerely
    Damian Beebe

    “Sent from my iPhone”

  • Chu Maestas


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  • Jesiica


    I’m not the best speller but I see the word “foor” is spelled incorrectly on your website. In the past I’ve used a service like or to help keep mistakes off of my websites.


  • Joyce Tatum

    Hi I have 11 Royal Dalton wall plates and 1 wedge wood are interested to buy from me

  • Dewayne Pardo

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  • Colin Chamberlain

    Are you interested in purchasing any fully restored antiques or quality upcycled items. Should you have any interest my email address is Many thanks for your time. Yours Colin Chamberlain

  • Joanna Lobbett

    I’m looking to sell my TWG emir teapot. It’s gold plated and still selling on Twg website for 2964 . I can send pictures if your interested
    Thank you jo

  • Simon Giles


    I have been trying to contact you by phone, using the mobile number provided, but I have called 4 times and left a VM but can’t get to speak to someone, is there a better number to call on?

    thanks, Simon

  • Tigger

    Please let me know where you have moved to. We miss you

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